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About Alzuleycha

We are inspired by the details of Portuguese architecture.


Our name comes from one of its most identifiable characteristic of the Portuguese architecture, namely wall tiles.

In the Portuguese language tile is azulejo, whose etymological root is the Arabic word azzelij (or al zuleycha, al zulaco) which means "small polished stone".

​ALZULEYCHA honors and praises the long and rich Portuguese architecture heritage, perpetuating the architectural and design details in decoration pieces. 

ALZULEYCHA makes inspirational decoration accessories with a soul.

Our Founder

ALZULEYCHA brand was founded in 2015 by the Portuguese designer Ana Sofia.


ALZULEYCHA is based in California, USA, since 2019.


ALZULEYCHA is Ana Sofia artistic identity, where she combines her professional training with her culture and Portuguese Identity.

Ana Sofia conceptualized ALZULEYCHA when she realized that all the beautiful architecture details with which she grew up were being replaced by a modern style. 


Details as the hydraulic mosaics, the tiles on building facades, the brise bricks of balconies, the metal handrail of balconies, are ALZULEYCHA´s inspiration to create decoration accessories.


After moving from Lisbon to California, in 2017, she wanted to continue creating and sharing the beauty of Portuguese architecture and design, so she opened ALZULEYCHA in the United States. 


Our Inspiration

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