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Alzuleycha Marvila Candle Holder, reflects the design of the Portuguese architecture into your space.

Series Marvila, gets its name from the Lisbon neighborhood of Marvila. A neighborhood with history that dates to prehistoric times, it was an area of farms and factories that supplied the capital and the country.

A neighborhood with history that dates back to prehistoric times. Its modern history begins with the conquest of Lisbon from the Moors by the armies of D. Afonso Henriques. Between the 17th and 18th centuries this area was populated by farms belonging to aristocrats and conventual orders that supplied the city center. After the earthquake, many of these noble farms were abandoned and occupied by factories that remained in this area until the 20th century.


Handmade by me in California. 
Material: Raku clay, Glaze. 

Marvila Candle Holder- Carved Clay

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